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Steve Wellman, Director
Robert Storant, Chief Administrator
Christin Kamm, Public Information Officer

The Administration Division provides leadership, supervision, and support services for the entire agency. It is comprised of nine subprograms. Following are descriptions of the many activities of this division.

The supervision program consists of the Director's office and support staff. The Director is responsible for all activities within the Nebraska Department of Agriculture (NDA). He/she serves at the pleasure of the Governor and reports directly to the Governor. The Assistant Director, appointed by the Director, assists with public policy development and serves as the Director's representative at public engagements and on advisory committees. The Chief Administrator is responsible for coordinating regulatory activities for NDA and assisting the Director in the general administration activities of the agency. Public relations also falls under this program.

Finance and Personnel:
The Finance and Personnel Division provides support services to the Director and all divisions in the areas of accounting, auditing, budgeting, payroll, personnel, and legislative fiscal information. Fiscal services and fee collection are performed for the commodity checkoff programs through administrative service contracts.

Negotiations Program:
The Nebraska Negotiations Program provides an alternative method for agricultural borrowers and lenders to resolve their agricultural credit problems outside of litigation. Mediation is a process which brings together borrowers and creditors with a neutral third party (the mediator) in an attempt to resolve credit problems. The mediator does not decide the issues for the parties, but helps and encourages them to reach mutually agreed upon solutions.

Data Center and Word Processing Program:
The Data Center consists of two support groups - Word Processing and Data Processing. The two groups work closely with all the divisions within the Department of Agriculture. The major activities of the Word Processing group are text entering and editing, form letters, desktop publishing, permanent document storage, and telephone dictation. The Data Processing group handles project management, application programming support, state and federal computer operations support, and federal programming support.

Ag Product Grading/Inspection:
To serve industry needs in marketing fresh fruits, vegetables, and other products, the Department, under the Agricultural Products Marketing Act, conducts a vegetable grading/inspection program. The purpose of the program is to provide inspection services for fresh fruits and vegetables to ensure they meet state and federal guidelines for interstate and intrastate shipments. The program is 100% funded by producers through certification and inspection fees.

Ag Promotion and Development Division:
The Ag Promotion and Development Division was initiated in 1987 by the Legislature to coordinate and facilitate the buying and selling of Nebraska's agricultural products. Activities focus on assisting Nebraska producers in marketing their livestock, grain, aquaculture, fruits, vegetables, fresh meats, and alternative crops and livestock.

Animal Damage Control Program (Wildlife Services):
A Memorandum of Understanding has been established between NDA, Nebraska Game and Parks Commission, Nebraska Cooperative Extension Services, Nebraska Department of Health, and the United States Department of Agriculture, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Services, and Wildlife Services. Wildlife Services provides operational and educational assistance for landowners and public or private agencies within participating counties to control predatory mammals, field rodents, commensal rodents, and birds.

Agricultural Statistics Revolving Fund Activities:
The Nebraska Agricultural Statistics Service, in cooperation with the National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) of USDA, collects, summarizes, and disseminates data on Nebraska agriculture.

Commodity Boards:
The Department of Agriculture has direct responsibility for the Poultry and Egg and Potato programs which are statutorily assigned to the agency. Under the Ethanol Development Act, the Department collects, administers, and enforces a three-quarter cent excise tax on corn and grain sorghum. All fees collected are remitted to the Ethanol Production Incentive Cash Fund. The Corn Development, Utilization, and Marketing Board; Grain Sorghum Development, Utilization, and Marketing Board; Wheat Board; and the Dry Bean Commission are independent agencies which contract with the Department of Agriculture to provide needed services.

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