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Nebraska Corn Board

Nebraska Corn Board
P.O. Box 95107 
Lincoln, NE 68509-5107 
Phone: 402-471-2676 
Email: ncb.info@nebraska.gov
Web Site: www.NebraskaCorn.gov
Executive Director: Kelly Brunkhorst 

The Nebraska Corn Board represents Nebraska’s 23,000 corn farmers through their investment in the corn checkoff. The Nebraska Corn Board works to promote the value of corn by creating opportunities.

Contact Information: 
Roger Berry – Director of Market Development - email: roger.berry@nebraska.gov – Roger works to expand market development opportunities in the areas of livestock, biofuels, exports and new uses to increase usage of Nebraska corn and value added products.

Kurtis Harms – Director of Communication - email: kurtis.harms@nebraska.gov - Kurtis works to expand communications opportunities.  He coordinates corn promotion activities across the state and works to expand educational opportunities for youth. 

Boone McAfee – Director of Research - email: boone.mcafee@nebraska.gov - Boone is responsible for grants and research. He works closely with the University of Nebraska and Nebraska Extension to address top concerns of Nebraska’s farmers.  

Susan Zabel – Business Manager Susan is primarily responsible for accounts payable, contracts, purchasing, meeting arrangements and minutes, office management and managerial functions. 

Nikki Bentzinger – Administrative Secretary Nikki serves as support staff for board/office personnel, responsible for website updates and other administrative duties.

The Nebraska Corn Board supports research initiatives that enhance the sustainability and continued success of the state’s corn, livestock, and ethanol industries. In addition, the Board wants to sustain and grow responsible livestock production in Nebraska, including all species and all sizes of operations. The Nebraska Corn Board wants to develop and nurture key partnerships and initiatives that provide a foundation for long-term growth and success of the corn, ethanol and livestock industries in Nebraska.

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Updated January 2018