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Nebraska Craft Brewery Board

Board Chairman: Zachary Triemert, Nebraska Craft Brewers Guild, Brickway Brewery, (402) 933-2613, zac@drinkbrickway.com
Board Member: Nathan Bell, Nebraska Craft Brewers Guild, Kinkaider Brewing, (308) 872-8348, nate@universalins.biz
Board Member: Bruce Nelsen, Associated Beverage Distributors of Nebraska, Eagle Distributing, (402) 721-0620, bruce.nelsen@edi-bud.com
Board Member: David Tims, Associated Beverage Distributors of Nebraska, Premier Midwest Beverage, (402) 891-1212, dtims@premierbeverage.net
Member At Large: Adam Kosmick, Nordland International/American Beer Equipment, (402) 441-4780, adamk@americanbeerequipment.com
Member At Large: Annette Wiles, Midwest Hop Producers LLC, (402) 296-0633, awiles@wilesdevelopment.com
Member At Large: Mark Jagels, (402) 364-2428, jagelsfarms@gmail.com
Ex-Officio Member: Karen Kollars, Nebraska Tourism Commission, (308) 249-3220, karen.kollars@nebraska.gov
Ex-Officio Member: Casey Foster, Nebraska Department of Agriculture, (402) 471-4876, casey.foster@nebraska.gov

Mission: To work in collaboration towards a profitable, sustainable future that advances the interests of Nebraska’s growers, brewers, distributors, retailers and allied trade. Promote and market “Grow Local, Brew Local, Buy Local.” Support advocacy business development, education and research that will enhance the economic condition of the agriculture and brewery industry in the state of Nebraska.

Updated January 2019