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We Support Agriculture

P.O. Box 84274
Lincoln, NE 68501
Phone: 402-430-7045
Email: jolanda@wesupportag.org
Web Site: wesupportag.org
Director: Jolanda Junge

We Support Agriculture is a joint effort of Nebraskans who are building a broad coalition, through communication, education, and advocacy, to protect our agricultural foundation, thousands of jobs, and consumer food choices. We share the truth about approved practices and inform of the misconceptions created by extremist animal rights groups. We promote and defend Nebraska’s thoughtful and caring farmers and ranchers who provide a significant contribution to both our State and national economies.

Board of Directors:
Larry Sitzman, President - (Nebraska Pork Producers)
Rob Robertson, Secretary - (Nebraska Farm Bureau)
Amy Prenda, Treasurer - (Nebraska Poultry Industries)
Pete McClymont - (Nebraska Cattlemen)
Doug Temme - (Nebraska State Dairy Association)