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Inspection Fee Requirements

The following statements are not meant to be complete tonnage fee requirements. For a complete review of the tonnage requirements refer to section 54-856 of the Commercial Feed Act.

An inspection fee of $0.06/ton on all commercial feed, including pet food and feed ingredients, is due semi-annually. The forms will be mailed to you in June and December and are due no later than August 15th for the June mailing and February 15th for the December mailing. Fees due and owing and not paid by August 15th and February 15th shall have a penalty of 25% of the fees due added to the payment when made and an additional penalty of 25% of the fees due if not paid by August 31st and February 28th.

There is a minimum payment of $5 for each period ONLY if tonnage is reported. If less than 50 tons is reported for the period, the payment shall be $5. If no tons are sold, no payment is due. However, you must still return your tonnage form showing zero tonnage.


Small Package Fee (10 lbs. Or Less) - Requirements

The tonnage fees listed under Inspection Fee Requirements do not include Small Package Products which are products sold ONLY in packages of 10 lbs. or less. For Small Package Products, there is an annual fee for $25/product in lieu of the tonnage fee for all products sold during the previous year. If you have a product that is sold in both small package and larger sizes, then the $0.06/ton applies to all of that product regardless of package size. You would submit all of that tonnage on the semi-annual inspection fee report. The Small Package Products fee is due no later than January 31st of each year.

Small Package Product Form