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Animal Health

Animal Imports
Permits 402-471-2351

Import Regulations
Nebraska Animal Importation Regulations
U.S. State and Territory Animal Import Regulations
Import Orders
Bovine Importation Order for the Province of Manitoba, Canada Origin Cattle
Cattle and Bison Importation Order for Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming

Cervid Import Forms
Cervid Importation Risk Assessment Form
Cervid Inventory of Animals Requesting Shipment to Nebraska
Cervid Herd Additions for the Past Five Years (Not Cervids Born in the Herd)
Cervid Death Loss Report Identify All Losses in Past Five Years
Statement of Origin for the Importation of Non-Indigenous Cervids
Voluntary CWD Plan

Procedures for the Importation of Cattle, Bison, Sheep and Goats from Canada
Veterinary Services Memorandum No 591.64
Importers, Brokers, and Other Interested Parties
Feedlot Owners and Operators and Other Interested Parties
Protocol for the Importation of Cattle or Bison From Canada
Protocol for the Importation of Sheep and Goats for Feeding From Canada
Accredited Veterinarians or Other Interested Parties

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