The Nebraska Agricultural Youth Institute is a weeklong experience for high school juniors and seniors from all across Nebraska to learn about career opportunities within agriculture. This conference features speakers, workshops, agricultural education, networking with peers and industry leaders, professional development, leadership experience, fun and new friends!

The NAYI Application will be available on February 15, 2017.

“We came to learn about agriculture. We came to become better leaders. We came to experience something new. We knew we could accomplish our goals, but we came away from NAYI with something more. We left with new friends filled with the same passion to become better leaders. With an increased sense of purpose in our lives, not just to advocate for agriculture and strive to overcome the obstacles our generation will face in the future, but to enjoy life to the fullest and not take one day of your life for granted. NAYI is not a summer camp, it’s a starting point for our generation to overcome challenges and accomplish our dreams.”

Chase Hoffschneider
Burwell, 2016 NAYC Delegate

“Empowering potential is definitely what NAYI 2016 has done for me! By participating in NAYI, I had the opportunity to network with youth and business leaders in agriculture. NAYI is hands down the best experience for juniors and seniors wanting to go into the agriculture industry!”

Marissa Kegley
Kearney, 2016 NAYI Delegate

“The most uncomfortable situations result in some of the most extraordinary experiences. After four years of NAYI, I have been blessed to turn spending a week with random individuals into life-long friends, speaking with professionals into career opportunities, and presenting in front of 200 high school students into discovering my passion for education.”

Sarah Wollenburg
Beatrice, Current NAYC Member

“Words cannot even describe the AMAZING experience I had at NAYI this week! I not only learned about how to be an advocate for agriculture, but also how to maximize personal growth! Always stay true to who you are and find your passion that will help you succeed! Don’t take life for granted and remember to live to serve! Put others before yourself, and you are sure to become successful!”

Joel Schroeder
Paxton, 2016 NAYI Delegate

“NAYI is my absolute favorite week of the summer! This program has given me so many opportunities to make connections and learn more about the agricultural industry. I recommend it to all juniors and seniors in high school. It is an experience you will never forget!”

Heather Martin
Ainsworth, 2016 NAYI Delegate



Christin Kamm (NAYC Advisor)

Amanda Kowalewski (Head Counselor)

Logan Kalkowski (Head Counselor)

NAYI Omaha & Tri-City

NAYI strives to educate youth about the important careers in the agricultural industry. During the 2015-2016 year, members of the NAYC coordinated two, one-day events for more urban youth to explore careers in the agricultural industry.

Due to their urban background, many Omaha area high school students may not see themselves as having careers in agriculture. However, for the approximately 150 students who attended NAYI-Omaha they were able to see that the career possibilities are endless in agriculture and ag-related industries in the Omaha area. The event was designed to give students the opportunity to learn about traditional and non-traditional careers in agriculture and the availability of those jobs in the Omaha area.

More than 100 students from the Grand Island, Hastings and Kearney area attended the inaugural NAYI Tri-City event. The event was designed to give students with no agricultural background the opportunity to learn about careers in the agricultural industry and the availability of those jobs in the Tri-City area.