NAYI 2013

What is NAYI:

The Nebraska Agricultural Youth Institute is a weeklong experience for high school juniors and seniors from all across Nebraska to learn about career opportunities within agriculture. This conference features speakers, workshops, agricultural education, networking with peers and industry leaders, professional development, leadership experience, fun and new friends!

Past attendees remark on the lifelong friends they made while at NAYI and how NAYI has contributed to defining their career path.

Quotes About NAYI

“I was never particularly proud before of the fact that my dad backgrounds calves, but after attending NAYI, I was filled with a sense of pride that I got to be involved in helping to feed America. During NAYI it was great to see so many young people enthusiastic about agriculture and informing others of the importance of agriculture. NAYI made me realize the significance of agriculture not only for today, but also for generations to come.”
- Jessica Thiele, Atkinson, 2013 NAYI Delegate

“NAYI was an amazing experience where I not only learned more about agriculture, but also discovered more about myself and my ambitions in life that I had never envisioned before.”
- Rachel Ibach, Sumner, 2013 NAYI Delegate

“Throughout my five years involved with NAYI, it not only excited me more about the future of agriculture in Nebraska, but it also gave me a broad base of knowledge of different agricultural businesses within the state as well as given me the chance to build a network of peers and professionals.”
- Gavin Kenney, NAYC Alumni

“NAYI has been monumental in my life by giving me an agricultural networking experience that I will never forget. It is of utmost importance to understand the issues agriculture faces today in order to improve the industry if we wish to fulfill the ultimate goal of feeding the world.”
- Morgan Zumpfe, NAYC Member

“NAYI truly inspired me to dig deeper into agriculture, attempting to understand every aspect, while brainstorming new ways to advocate for the industry. Little did I know, I had only scratched the surface of the many opportunities within the field.”
- Paige Dexter, Chambers, 2013 NAYI Delegate