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The Nebraska Department of Agriculture's Noxious Weed Program regulates the Noxious Weed Control Act in Nebraska. To review the duties of the program, please click here.

The term "noxious" means to be harmful or destructive, and is the legal term used to denote a destructive or harmful pest for the purpose of regulation. When a specific pest is determined to pose a serious threat to the economic, social, or aesthetic well-being of the residents of the state, it may be declared noxious by the Director of the Nebraska Department of Agriculture.

Noxious weeds compete with pasture and crops, reducing yields substantially. Some noxious weeds are poisonous or injurious to man, livestock, and wildlife. The losses resulting from noxious weed infestations can be staggering, costing residents millions of dollars due to lost production. This not only directly affects the landowner, but erodes the tax base for all residents of the state. The business of noxious weed control is everyone's concerns, and their control is to everyone's benefit. The support of all individuals within the state is needed and vital for the control of noxious weeds within Nebraska.

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      Photos courtesy of the Weeds of the Great Plains

Canada Thistle Purple Loosestrife
Leafy Spurge Spotted & Diffuse Knapweeds
Musk Thistle Saltcedar
Plumeless Thistle Phragmites
Sericea lespedeza   Japanese knotweed
Giant knotweed   Bohemian knotweed

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