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Dicamba Information

Dicamba tolerant soybeans (DT soybeans) were first available for commercial use in Nebraska in 2017. Due to unexpected dicamba herbicide damage to non-DT soybeans, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency revised the labels for the three DT soybean herbicides as Restricted Use Pesticides (RUPs). This designation requires all applicators of the RUP label herbicides to be certified and licensed applicators, as well as obtain dicamba-specific training prior to using the RUP herbicides. NDA reminds the public that mixers, loaders and other handlers of any RUP dicamba product must also take the dicamba-specific training prior to mixing, loading or otherwise handling the herbicides. This would not include handling unopened containers, but would include handling any opened or partially used containers or mini-bulk tank of the herbicides.

This web page includes approved RUP dicamba labels, links to authorized dicamba training, NDA guidance documents and a list of all persons who have completed dicamba applicator training. Other documents may be added as they are developed.

The following links takes the user to the EPA-approved master labels for the three RUP dicamba herbicides. NDA wants applicators of these products to understand that while these labels are the official EPA-approved label, they are not the final version of the label on the pesticide container. NDA considers the label attached to the pesticide container to be the most official version for purposes of regulatory compliance.