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Nursery Certification Program

Because of the importance of the plant industry to the welfare and economy of the state of Nebraska and the damage which can result from the uncontrolled proliferation of plant pests, there is a need to impose standards and restrictions on the movement and care of plants within the state. The Nebraska Department of Agriculture shall be charged with administering and enforcing such standards and restrictions through the Plant Protection and Plant Pest Act.

A Nursery Stock Distributor License is required for anyone distributing nursery stock in the state.

Nursery stock is defined as all field-grown or container-grown perennial plants, including, but not limited to, vegetative or propagative parts or perennial plants dug from the wild, so labeled, and distributed, and excluding, among other things, greenhouse plants grown for indoor use, annual plants, biennial plants, florist stock, cut flowers, sod, turf, onions, or potatoes, or seeds of any such plant.

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