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Bluestem Valley Farms
Todd Eggerling
14000 SW 72nd St - Martell, NE 68404
Lancaster County

Have raised registered Hereford and Angus cattle since 1977; 150 head. Market off the farm and bull test consignment sales.

Cargill Herefords

Rex Cargill
81331 Wallace Creek Ave - Scotia, NE 68875
Greeley County

Have been in operation for 50+ years. Have 200 purebred Herefords (cow/calf).

Earl Henderson and Sons
Barbara, WR Jr., Doug Henderson
1250 Henderson Rd - Alliance, NE 69301
Box Butte County

Ranch has been in operation for over 100 years raising cattle as it passes down through the years in the family. Registered Herefords started in 1950s. Participated in Denver, feeder calves in Chicago, Omaha, and Denver. Bull shows and sales. Animals now sold private treaty at the ranch. Steers for number of years went to Dinklage for finishing. Heifers bred have been pushed for fall delivery. Presently our two sons have come into the operation.

Frenzen Angus and Polled Herefords
Galen, Gwen, Eric Frenzen
50802 N Edgewood Rd - Fullerton, NE 68638
Nance County

Over 50 years in the seedstock business. Bull sale the fourth Tuesday in March. Females and show steers for sale at private treaty.

Holthus Polled Herefords

Calvin Holthus
10900 Roca Rd - Roca, NE 68430
Lancaster County

Fifteen years with 20 registered Herefords.

Huwaldts Polled Herefords

Ed Huwaldt
86423 - 558th Ave - Randolph, NE 68771
Cedar County

Huwaldts Herefords has been in operation for over 125 years. Breeding stock is available by private treaty. Give us a call, we'd be happy to show you our cattle.

JB Ranch

Jack and Bev Beeson
85663 - 579th Ave - Wayne, NE 68787
Wayne County

Sixty-five years in the Polled Hereford business. Bloodline performance, mild, and muscled cattle with quiet dispositions and sound feet and legs. Forty-five mother cows. Out-cross bloodlines. Sell at Sioux Falls winter show, Black Hills Stock Show and Cattlemen's Classic in Kearney. Most bulls sold privately. Heifers also available private treaty.

KC Herefords

Kevin Cooksley
44995 Lone Tree Cemetery Rd - Berwyn, NE 68814
Custer County

Over 100 years in business. Maintain a purebred herd of Polled Hereford Cattle. Breeding stock available at anytime.

KEG Hereford Ranch

Kenneth Stephens
39753 - 906th Rd - Valentine, NE 69201
Cherry County

Horned and Polled Herefords and Red Angus. Specializing in bulls with bred in feed efficiency and carcass traits from small to moderate framed cows. Cows are on pasture with no supplements other than salt and mineral. Feedlot and carcass data collected since 1993, ultrasound data since 1997. Bull calves are tested for feed efficiency in a Grow-Safe system at Olsen Ranches. Our feedlot steers consistantly convert near 5 to 1 or better.

Melcher's Herefords

Kevin Melcher
303 Church St - O'Neill, NE 68763
Holt County

In Hereford business for 58 years at same location. Specializing in gathering Hereford heifers and marketing them as breeding heifers in April and May, or as bred heifers in the fall. Anything less than top quality goes to our own feed yard. We offer top-quality bulls at private treaty with complete performance data. EPD's, ultrasound measurement, fertility tested and guaranteed.

Meyer Polled Hereford
Dean Meyer
588 Road 5800 - Hebron, NE 68370
Thayer County

A reliable source of Polled Hereford breeding stock for over 50 years. Cow herd consists of 75 cows of which many have gained the title of Dam of Distinction. Selling at the Nebraska Cattleman's Classic, as well as private treaty.

Morgan Ranch Beef

Dan Morgan
83583 Gracie Creek Ave - Burwell, NE 68823
Garfield County

Hereford breeding cattle. Wagyu breeding cattle.

Monahan Cattle Company
Bryan Monahan
25273 Circle Dot Dr - Hyannis, NE 69350
Grant County

We have been in operation for 118 years. Raising Herefords. 4,500 mother cows. Selling one year-old steers and heifers.

Oltmans Polled Herefords

Mark Wieden
13287 East B Line Rd - Blue Springs, NE 68318
Gage County

Have been in the livestock business since 1965. Started in the purebred Polled Hereford business in 1975. Calve 90 to 100 cows yearly. Use mostly Felton and Tradition bloodlines at present.

Poll Terra Pastures
Stan Buckow
72535 - 571st Ave - Plymouth, NE 68424-3901
Jefferson County

Registered Polled Herefords. Cow herd of 60 Canadian breeding animals. Bulls and heifers.

Priefert Farms
Neil and Jean Priefert
2406 Hwy 81 - Fairmont, NE 68354
Thayer County

Over 50 years of Polled Hereford genetics using Polled Hereford or Angus sires. Small herd numbers but high efficiency. Polled Hereford bulls and heifers for sale. Also selling black white face heifers.

Ridder Hereford Ranch
John and Mary Ridder
79225 Rye Valley Rd - Callaway, NE 68825
Custer County

We have raised Herefords in the Sandhills of Nebraska since 1907. Line and Canadian genetics. Horned and polled. Annual bull and female sale first Thursday of February. Show bulls at National Western Stock Show in Denver. Semen for sale on 157k and 0041 - powerful Hereford sires. Sell yearling, fall yearlings, and two-year-old bulls and yearling and fall yearling heifers in February at the ranch sale barn. Visitors are always welcome throughout the year. Reputation ranch and cattle. Bred for our cow-calf customers.

Rutt Herefords, Inc.

Kyle R. Rutt
2216 Hwy 4 - Campbell, NE 68932
Franklin County

Fifty years in operation. LI Domino and Straight station Line One Domino's, 75 to 100 head. Sell private treaty and at Nebraska Cattlemen's Classic. The main goal at Rutt Herefords is to raise maternal productive females with above average performance that will thrive under any range conditions.

S & S Polled Herefords
Ron Schutte
1417 Road 2100 - Guide Rock, NE 68942
Webster County

Fifty-nine years in the Polled Hereford business. Proven genetics featuring Kodiak, Digger, and other popular sires; 160-cow herd. Annual production sale the first Tuesday of March. Selling bulls and bred females.

Stewart Hereford Ranch
Jay Stewart
45717 - 875th Rd - Newport, NE 68759
Rock County

Fourth generation Hereford ranch that emphasizes maternal genetics but doesn't overlook production traits. Forty+ years of AI to only bulls with high EPD accuracies. Herd has been closed since the 70s with new genetics only coming from semen. We use Hereford, Red Angus, and Black Angus. One hundred twenty Hereford and F1 black white face bred heifers are sold each year. Yearling and two-year-old Hereford bulls are for sale at all times. All sales are private treaty.

TKR Herefords
Bruce Tucker
14130 Guilford St - Waverly, NE 68462
Lancaster County

Fifty plus years in the business with introduction in childhood with father Floyd, Tucker and Sons, Rose, Nebraska. Cow herd mainly Line One and Advance with slight Mark influence. Marketing at annual production of "Heartland Herefords," North Platte, Nebraska, and private treaty. Also contact: Dave Goertz (herd manager) 308-631-4250, or Chris Sandoval (herd manager), C&S Herefords, 308-414-1796.

Valley Creek Ranch

Scott McGee
1900 G St - Fairbury, NE 68352
Jefferson County

Forty-five years raising and showing registered Herefords. We keep a cross section of commercial embryo recip cows and also raise some Belted Galloways. We raise and show registered Boer Goats. Breeding stock is for sale all year. Visitors are always welcome!

Vernon Yost & Sons
Richard V. Yost
2238 Rd 307 - Edgar, NE 68935
Fillmore County

We have been in the Hereford breed for over 50 years. The cow herd numbers around 100 head plus replacement heifers. We sell private treaty and at state and regional sales. Each year, we will sell about 20 to 30 bulls, 15 to 30 bred heifers, plus some steers and heifer calves to juniors. Our bloodlines are L'Dominos Aster Worthmore. Also have semen for sale of herd bulls along with some embryos. We would be delighted to show you our operation and cattle. Coffee pot is always on.