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The NDA Update is a weekly radio program and a great way for listeners to stay informed on all the latest news and happenings at the Nebraska Department of Agriculture as well as in the agricultural industry. The Update will also provide you with more information about how your Nebraska Department of Agriculture is at work for you.

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Please contact NDA Update host Christin Kamm with any questions. You can reach her via email or call 402-471-6856.


FSA Programs with Bobbie Kriz-Wickham
To air: September 17, 2018 to September 23, 2018 (TRT: 4:40)

Fall is always a busy time for farmers. There is also a lot of things keeping the Farm Service Agencies across Nebraska busy during this time of the year, including the Market Facilitation Program. Bobbie Kriz-Wickham, with the Nebraska office of the USDA Farm Service Agency, joins us on this week's NDA Update to share more.

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NDA at Husker Harvest Days with Christin Kamm
To air: September 10, 2018 to September 16, 2018 (TRT: 3:54)

Husker Harvest Days is a long standing tradition in Nebraska. On this week's NDA Update, Christin Kamm shares where NDA staff can be found during the event.

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African Swine Fever with Dr. Dennis Hughes
To air: September 3, 2018 to September 9, 2018 (TRT: 3:41)

African Swine Fever has hit China, and is causing concern among American pig farmers. Dr. Dennis Hughes joins us on this week's NDA Update to tell us more about the disease and what pig owners can do to prevent it from entering their herd.

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