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Disclaimer: The following selected statutes and regulations are made available by the Nebraska Department of Agriculture for the public's convenience and are meant to be used only as a reference. The department has made every effort to accurately reproduce the statutes, but they are not the official statutes of the state. The Revised Statutes of Nebraska published by the Nebraska Revisor of Statutes, should be consulted for the text of the official statutes.
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Agricultural Suppliers Lease Protection Act
Aquaculture Board Statutes
Climate Assessment Response Committee Statutes
Competitive Livestock Markets Act
Dairy Industry Development Act
Division Fence Statutes
Dry Bean Resources Act
General Statutes Pertaining to Department of Agriculture
Grain Sorghum Resources Act
Grape & Winery Board
Grape Excise Tax Statutes
Livestock Sellers Protective Act
Potato Development Act
Potato Development Regulations
Potato Inspection Act
Rural Development Commission

Ag Promotion
Agricultural Products Marketing Act
Agriculture Promotion & Development Program
Livestock Friendly County Designation Statutes
Livestock Friendly County Regulations

Animal & Plant Health Protection - Animal Health
Animal Importation Act & Related Statute
Animal Importation Regulations
Anthrax Control Act
Bovine Brucellosis Act
Bovine Tuberculosis Act
Cattle Brucellosis Regulations
Commercial Dog & Cat Operator Inspection Act & Related Statutes
Commercial Dog & Cat Operator Inspection Regulations
Commercial Feed Act
Commercial Feed Regulations
Domesticated Cervine Animal Health Statutes
Domesticated Cervine Animal Regulations
Exotic Animal Auction or Exchange Venue Act
Food Supply Animal Veterinary Incentive Program Act
Food Supply Animal Veterinary Incentive Program Regulations
Garbage Feeding Statutes
Garbage Feeding Regulations
General Powers & Miscellaneous Animal Health Statutes
Livestock Animal Welfare Act
Livestock Auction Market Act
Livestock Auction Market Regulations
Livestock Certification Program Statutes
Livestock Composting Regulations
Livestock Dealer Licensing Act
Livestock Dealer Regulations
Livestock Disease Reporting Regulations
Livestock Disease Reporting List
Miscellaneous Animal Statutes
Poultry Disease Control Act
Poultry Disease Control Regulations
Pseudorabies Control & Eradication Act
Pseudorabies Regulations
Meat & Poultry Inspection Law
Rendering & Pet Feed Manufacturing Regulations
Scrapie Control & Eradication Act
Scrapie Control & Eradication Regulations
Swine Brucellosis Act
Swine Brucellosis Regulations

Animal & Plant Health Protection - Plant Health
Agricultural Liming Materials Act
Agricultural Liming Materials Regulations
Apiary Act
Apiary Act Regulations
Buffer Strip Act
Buffer Strip Regulations
Commercial Fertilizer & Soil Conditioner Act
Commercial Fertilizer & Soil Conditioner Inspection Fees
Honey Standards Regulations
Industrial Hemp Regulations
Noxious Weed Control Act
Noxious Weed Regulations
Pesticide Act
Pesticide Regulations
Plant Protection & Plant Pest Act
Plant Protection & Plant Pest Act Regulations
Seed Law & Related Statutes
Seed Law Regulations
Soil & Plant Analysis Laboratory Act Regulations
Soil & Plant Analysis Laboratory Act

Food Safety & Consumer Protection - Dairy

Nebraska Milk Act

Food Safety & Consumer Protection - Food
Food Code
Food Processing Plant Requirements
Pure Food Act

Food Safety & Consumer Protection - Weights & Measures
Liquefied Petroleum Gas Statutes
Motor Fuel Statutes
Standard Laboratory Operating Procedures & Fees
Scale Regulations
Tractor Testing Statutes
Voluntary Registration of Sales and Repair Personnel Regulation

Weights & Measures Act
     NIST Handbook 44 - Specifications, Tolerances, and other Technical Requirements for Weighting and Measuring Devices
     NIST Handbook 130 - Uniform Laws & Regulations
     Uniform Packaging and Labeling Regulation
     Uniform Regulation for the Method of Sale of Commodities

Negotiations Program
Farm Mediation Act
Farm Mediation Regulations

Beginning Farmer Tax Credit Act
Beginning Farmer Tax Credit Act Regulations

Poultry & Egg
Poultry & Egg Resources Act
Poultry Marketing Regulations