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Laws & Regulations

Disclaimer: The following selected statutes and regulations are made available by the Nebraska Department of Agriculture for the public's convenience and are meant to be used only as a reference. The department has made every effort to accurately reproduce the statutes, but they are not the official statutes of the state. The Revised Statutes of Nebraska published by the Nebraska Revisor of Statutes, should be consulted for the text of the official statutes.
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Agricultural Suppliers Lease Protection Act
Aquaculture Board Statutes
Climate Assessment Response Committee Statutes
Competitive Livestock Markets Act
Dairy Industry Development Act
Division Fence Statutes
Dry Beam Resources Act
General Statutes Pertaining to the Department of Agriculture
Grain Sorghum Resources Act
Grape & Winery Board
Grape Excise Tax Statutes
Livestock Sellers Protective Act
Potato Development Act
Potato Development Regulations
Potato Inspection Act
Rural Development Commission